Consider this place on my website where I spew out some thoughts of the week, sort of a public journal. No discussions or arguments presented here are necessarily final or even correct.

November 20, 2019

A Beastie Revolution

November 13, 2019

The Difference Between Writing and Getting it Down

November 6, 2019

The Pareidolia of Mars

October 23, 2019

Projects and Stuff

October 16, 2019

Government Doesn’t Have the UFO Answer

October 9, 2019

Podcasting is Killing Books – Sorta

October 2, 2019

A Sitchin Time

September 25, 2019


January 8, 2019

Getting it in Gear

April 27, 2018

Ancient Astronaut Society 20th Anniversary Conference – Reminisce

April 11, 2018

Thoughts on Book Reviews

December 20, 2017

Harry Reid’s UFO Hobby – You Paid For It

November 2, 2017

Observations on the Rogan/Delonge Conversation

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